About Us

Hearth and Home Residential Inspections LLC has been providing homes with thorough inspections for years. We are celebrated throughout our community because of our professional work ethic, and our commitment to completing all projects timely and affordability.

We specialize in industrial, commercial, and residential inspections. At Hearth and Home Residential Inspections we offer service like escrow and insurance inspections.

When you are house shopping in Kansas-City, it is important to inspect the home properly before you sign any final contracts. At Hearth and Home Kansas-City Home Inspections, we are here to help. Your home is the largest investment that you will ever make, be sure to protect it.

Even the smallest of problems, such as an electrical outlet not working properly, can turn into a costly repair and can potentially be dangerous if not taken care of immediately. Be proactive if you suspect or feel that your new home may not actually be as sound and secure as one may say. Get a professional opinion, and call Hearth and Home Residential Inspections.

Our specialists are some of the industry's best. They understand the fundamentals of thorough home inspections and are dedicated to educating our customers. You can be assured that when you do business with us, your home will have been thoroughly inspected

We work hard to maintain affordable pricing. We also find it imperative to teach our customers how to maintain the integrity of their investment. We are passionate about helping our customer affordably protect their property.

Making sure your new home is safe is our top priority

Before you sign any closing contracts, make sure your home is properly inspected by a registered and experienced home inspection company. Hearth and Home Residential Inspections.

Since we are Certified Home Inspectors, you know that you're getting just that. When looking over your home, we will check everything, from the baseboards to the light switches.

Remember that the seller is responsible for all repairs that are to be made to the property prior to any final contracts being signed. They may look for a "quick fix" to temporarily repair the problem to keep their costs low.

That is why it is very important and well advised that you hire your own contractor to look over all the issues needing be addressed. A cheap repair usually will end up costing much, much more later down the line. Remember the saying, "You get what you pay for". So give Hearth and Homes a call today.